2020 Makeup Trends

The pandemic has slowed and in some instances halted many events but there is a bright side to it. Staying inside gives you the perfect opportunity to try out different colors and trends that you have never tried before. It also allows you more time to practice different looks and learn to perfect them. We have compiled a list of notable makeup trends for 2020 for those looking for other ideas to try out.

Colorful lower-liner

Typically, the top of the eye gets all the pampering and attention. However, a new trend is to add color to the lower lashes with the same color or another. It's a great way to add more boldness and fun to your look.

Neon makeup

Some really opt to stand out by applying a bright neon color to the entire eyelid. For those that want to be a bit more subtle, tapping a bit of a neon shade in the corner of your eyes is the answer. You still get a splash of boldness to your look while still maintaining a minimalist look.

Feathered fluffy brows

Drawing on brows can be a pain even for the most skilled artist. That is probably why many are going for a more wild undone look and embracing it. Feathered brows are created with an angled brush and brow gel, making hairlike strokes through the brow giving them a fuller look. As strange as it sounds, soap is rubbed on the brows with a mascara wand to create the feathered look.

Blown-out blush

This look is achieved with pink or coral colored blush. Instead of applying the blush only to lower cheeks, it goes on the higher cheekbones, into the temples and diffuses into the eyeshadow. This is a look that definitely pops and will make you stand out.

Soft Illumination

Most will agree that having a glow to your skin will forever be a trend. Highlighting and complexion boosters are still a big part of flawless looks in 2020. Glow is not limited to the cheeks or forehead. Many are opting for a shiny lip gloss for added glow on the lips.

Whether you want a trendy look or to stick with something more classic or unique, Luscious Cosmetics has you covered. We offer a great range of products that will give you more of a natural look as well as those that will have people turning heads. Stock up on your favorites today!

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