Why You Should Watch Makeup Videos on YouTube

For many years now, makeup artists and beauty experts have been sharing their tips, tricks, and tutorials to viewers on YouTube. During current times, this has been especially beneficial since most are not able to visit a makeup counter to ask questions or to get advice. As the community of vloggers has grown tremendously with artists sharing more than makeup application techniques. You can now find makeup challenges and current beauty trends as well. If you have never considered watching YouTube videos for makeup tips, here are 3 reasons you should:

Tons of content

A simple search for “makeup” in the toolbar will bring up millions of videos. You can, of course, narrow it down to what you are specifically looking for and still find tons of videos related to your search. It’s a great way to get more than one answer or opinion and possibly find out additional information.

Honest reviews

Often, it is difficult to tell how well a product will suit you from the seller’s website. However, there are many vloggers that post content on different brands or products that they are currently using or trying for the first time. This provides a great opportunity to learn more about the product or brand from a first hand experience.

Lifestyle content

A great thing about YouTube is that many vloggers share information about their lifestyle as it relates to beauty habits. Topics such as using clean beauty, makeup recycling and beauty product donation are discussed heavily with a lot of great information on their importance. There just may be information that moves you to make certain lifestyle changes.

Luscious Cosmetics has a presence on YouTube! Check it out for reviews and tutorials of our products.

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