Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Makeup at Night

Have you ever loved your makeup so much that you wanted to keep it on forever? Maybe, you got home late and felt too tired to wash your face and decide to crawl into bed or maybe washing your face at night just isn’t a part of your daily routine. We want  you to  know  that it is important and should be a normal part of your nighttime routine. Here are the reasons why:

Skin Repairs at Night

Most people link “beauty sleep” to fairy tales, but it is actually a real and necessary thing. A good night’s rest is linked to peak skin repair. Additionally, it is when anti-aging benefits have the largest impact.

Avoid Breakouts

In order to reduce the chance of having clogged pores, your skin needs to be clean. Clogged pores lead to acne which can be a direct result of makeup let on the face that harbor bacteria. Aside from makeup, you want to wash away debris you have come in contact with from your phone, the environment, and interacting with other people.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Face moisturizers are thicker and heavier at night purposely since the body produces less natural oils at night and your skin tends to heat up. Skipping your nightly face cleaning routine could lead to drier skin, irritation, and redness.

Protect Your Eyes

Going to sleep with mascara can lead to more than waking up with racoon eyes. It can lead to “scratchy eyes,” where the corneas of your eyes are being scraped each time you blink. Lingering mascara can also end up under your eyelid as you sleep and lead to eye injury over time.

Protect Your Linen

Sleeping in makeup is a sure way to increase how often you wash your linen. Moreover, all the dirt and allergens from your face will end up in your bed. Each night, you run the risk of exposing your skin to whatever you brought into your space previously.

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