The Perfect Contour

Perfect Contour
The Perfect Contour

We all have those moments where we really want to accentuate the natural structure of our face. Some do it every day while others save this technique for special occasions. Either way, you want to make sure it is done right! While it may take extra time to get out the door, many would agree that the end result is well worth it to have perfect cheekbones, brows on fleek and eyes that pop. For those looking for tips on how to achieve the perfect contoured look, we have you covered! Here is a step by step guide to contouring to give you a photo ready look.

Illuminate the form of your face.

The first thing you want to do is to apply your foundation as you normally would. To further sculpt your face, contour along your cheekbones, following the natural flow of your jaw line. You should be following the area from the top of your ear toward your mouth. As silly as it may feel, making a fish face will help you find the correct spot.

Be sure to add some shading round your hairline and temples, alongside the bridge of your nose, and just under the tip of your nose.

Blend it out.

Pull out your small fluffy brush and make sure it is clean. Use it to smooth out any obvious lines. If you don’t have a fluffy brush available, a blending sponge works as well. Just be sure to dampen it.


Apply your highlighter to your eyes to add a lift to your face. The important part of this step is to apply it in an upside-down triangle formation. The highlighter should also be applied to cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of your nose, under your eyebrows and the middle of your chin.

You can use a shimmery highlighter, but it should only be applied to cheekbones and the center of your nose as it can inflame large pours, fine lines and oily skin.

Set your makeup.

Using a fluffy brush, the next step is to set your makeup by dusting your favorite translucent powder over your face. This is an important step to set the foundation, contour and highlight and to ensure everything is well blended.

Luscious Cosmetics has two fabulous contouring kits! The Face Contour Kit is for your everyday contouring needs while the Face Contour Kit Matte Drama gives you a more dramatic look. Both kits are conveniently available to give you an Instagram ready look in just minutes!

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